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美歐結束獨立監督 科索沃開始“完全”獨立 呼號 Z60K









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' E7 V+ b( G' a2 g' x8 yhttp://www.chinareviewnews.com/doc/1022/3/0/1/102230171.html?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=102230171&mdate=0911101742 ! t& A$ y3 ~' k& m

' T1 f% \2 t, G) {5 J  oZ6 KOSOVO THE NEW FUTURE OFFICIAL ENTITY #hamradio #hamr #arrl! N3 }  r: A  R0 {' q) k
) ]- \3 _, d7 d1 |0 }% k
It was 23 years ago that most radio amateurs went off the air in Kosovo.
. ^0 {2 g- X- P9 P+ Z! J( x) ~  ~  X8 T' d; H  H) c
A long period of silence came to an end when eleven Amateur Radio licenses were issued today, valid for an immediate activation of this fledgling sovereign republic. When they suddenly come on the air, the first steps of the licensees are obviously difficult as world demand runs high. Great patience is required as you hear the following reborn hams entering the world of Amateur Radio starting today:
8 e4 l  ^" x- ~8 Q! Z0 R) q: s9 W
/ D( t5 {) w5 z1 uSabit Zymberi, Z61AA; Durmishali Smani, Z61DD; Feti Fazli, Z61FF; Arif Derbati, Z61AB; Avni Jashari, Z61AJ; Vjollca Belegu, Z61VB; Mustafa Xhoni, Z61LA; Agim Sadiku, Z61AS; Agron Sadiku, Z61XO; Driton Sadiku, Z61DX; Naim Sadiku, Z61NS.; k5 j* T- x1 ?  b

+ I  [. N" ~5 {3 AThe official opening ceremony took place at 1900 hours local time, with all parties present. First QSOs were with G3BJ, G3UML with Sabit, Z61DS and Driton, Z61DX at the controls.
9 O6 ^# p2 Q$ n; y' x" O
  p/ h# ^1 N2 l9 v% }# zAdditionally, the newly born Amateur Radio Association of Kosovo (SHRAK) was allocated the callsign Z60K today and that callsign will be used for training purposes as well as for celebrating this wonderful event.
- E: @6 J$ W9 A& j' x
7 \; ?* z: f! L  P2 }5 uToday, an all-day seminar was held with Government representatives, a majority of Kosovo's Amateur Radio population (with an estimated up to twenty to become active immediately) as well as with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) officials and foreign delegation members present. Part of the event was televised on the Prishtina TV network.
: A9 w1 W0 I7 J1 P3 V! v' Q
( ^/ a0 n+ B' \$ X% ~- Y4 AIt was a memorable event for those coming back from a 23-year hiatus and for the hams present." Z1 y( [4 J: f7 K2 y2 m4 i% v
4 l; E  B1 H. l: g$ P2 l
The foreign lecturers welcomed the new group and represented five (5) supporting countries; Hans, PB2T; Nikola, 9A5W; Nigel, G3TXF; Bob, N2BB and Martti, OH2BH.' A* C; A3 t# N- d) C3 S9 o0 z* k
- ~, {% A3 h; S' C" i) o+ T0 q
The mission is to support these new hams and bring them on the air." {; Z! M3 c0 f! X- g" a

6 n/ I0 D( \1 y  J. Q% H0 _Please kindly welcome them to the ranks of Amateur Radio.! X: N. E* I. W* p. S

. i0 A* I1 E# J' C3 W- EQSL for Z60K via G3TXF# O/ R) F$ Q+ O1 c& v; P
3 b0 r3 T* X4 ^/ ]2 K
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